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December 20th, 2008 at 8:14 pm

The Line of Promise – Second Homily – Des 21 08

This December morning year 2008 we celebrate in song and Scripture the first coming of God the Son into the world as Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, born in a manger, born to Mary, born as a real human being, the Son of God, and God the Son, seed of Abraham, seed of David, our warrior hero who came to defeat the devil and save us from our enemies.

We remember that he who was born to Mary in the manger at Bethlehem was one to whom all the promises had pointed.

After so many thousands of years the promised offspring of Eve, Abraham, Judah, and David is finally born, and through him all the nations of the world would be blessed! It’s hard to think in such grand terms of a little baby, but this was not just any little baby.

This little baby would grow up, Jesus of Nazareth, and in his life, death, resurrection, and exaltation to the right hand of God this Jesus would go on to achieve victory for his people. And this would be the victory that really mattered – victory over mankind’s real enemies – sin, guilt and the devil.

From His holy throne He has sent forth the Holy Spirit to grant life to His people, people from all over the world, from every tribe and nation.

We also affirm and believe this day that this same Jesus of Nazareth is coming back again. We confess and believe that He is the King, and we now await His return, if I may say so, the return of the King. The kingdom has come, but it has not fully come. We call out to Him to return – “Come, Lord Jesus.”

We live in that period of history “between” His first and his second coming, a period now of about 2000 years. We live in the period of time when the gospel of Jesus Christ is to go out to the nations. We live in that period of time when any person from any place and language can become a child of God through repentant trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We live in a small bit of that 2000 year time between His comings. But this small bit of time is the time that He has given us. What will we do with it? How will we conduct ourselves as His servants? Where do we go to find out?

We are reminded on this day of celebration of one place we may go to find out – and that is to His manger. Baby Jesus in the manger proclaims to us God’s commitment to his world and to fallen human beings like us. But we know we can’t linger long at the manger. We must follow Jesus from the manger to the cross where he, the anointed Kling, the Christ, died for us.

The angels announced the greatest of news, that on that very day, in Bethlehem, was born not just a baby, but a Savior, who was Messiah, the Lord. The God of heaven would not leave his world to the enemy. He would not leave his rebel creatures to themselves. He would not shut His eyes to the pain and sorrow of the world. He would not leave the world to die in hatred of Him and His rule.

And neither should we. Amen.

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